The Embrey family belonged to my husbands great grandmothers family.  Hannah Embrey married John Evans and her sister Elizabeth married Thomas Taylor.  Through the marriages and the naming of their children the word Embrey is used often as a middle name for descendants whether they be male or female.

My husbands direct line

Thomas Embrey c1805

Hannah Embrey c1852

Thomas Embrey was born Broseley, Shropshire he married Jane Williams c1811 who was born Kinnerley, Shropshire.  As far as I am aware they had the following children.

Hannah c1837 - Kinnerley, Shropshire

Elizabeth 9th September 1841 - 1916 Kinnerley, Shropshire

Harriett c1844 Kinnerley, Shropshire (details to follow)

Thomas c1846 Kinnerley, Shropshire

Sarah c1851 Kinnerley, Shropshire

Hannah c1852 my husband's Great Grandmother Kinnerley, Shropshire

Samuel c1856 born Llandrinio

1841 Census for England

Shows Thomas then aged 30 living with his wife Jane then aged 25.  Thomas's occupation then a Miller.  In 1941 they have one child Hannah aged 4.

1851 Census for England

By 1851 Thomas and his family where living at Pentreheylin Mill and Thomas was working as a Journeyman, Miller.  His age shown as 46.  It would appear at this time that Hannah had probably died (this I need to check).  Although this quite likely as they named another daughter Hannah who was born in 1852.  Jane had given birth to four more children, Elizabeth then aged 10, Harriett aged 8, Thomas aged 5 and Sarah aged 4 months.

My understanding is that Thomas and Jane had moved to Llandrinio by 1861 unfortunately I have not been able to find Thomas and Jane on either the 1861 or 1871 census.  However I did find them on the Latter Day Saints 1881 census.  Thomas as head of the family aged 75 and a Miller, Jane aged 70 and their son Samuel aged 25 occupation a Miller.  For now this is all I have been able to find on Thomas and Jane.



The photograph below from left to right Thomas Taylor, Charles Embrey Taylor and William Edward Taylor.  Front row Elizabeth Taylor (nee Embrey and Thomas Taylor.

Thomas Taylor was born 20th March 1846 at the age of 6 he was living with his parents Richard and Mary, his brothers John aged 10, and William aged 12.  The 1851 census shows that they lived at Sweeney near Oswestry.  Richard’s occupation shown as a Farm Labourer and John was still at school.  Source: HO107/1993 page 4

The 1861 census shows Thomas at the age of 16 as a Farm Labourer, William his brother aged 22 also a Farm Labourer.  Their father Richard aged 60 had become a Widower and his occupation at that time was a Gardener.  The family still living at Sweeney however, the actual place is Llwyn-y-mapsis Source: RG9/1877 page 4

Map showing Llwyn-y-mapsis

Interestingly the 1871 census shows Thomas aged 25 as Head of the family his occupation then an Agricultural Labourer.  His brother William and sister-in-law Elizabeth were living at the same address and they had a daughter Mary then aged 11 months.  Both Thomas and William were Brick-makers.  Source: RG10/2780  page8

On the 16th April 1872 Thomas married Elizabeth Embrey, Elizabeth was my husband's great aunt.  The 1881 Census shows the family living in the Civil Parish of Oswestry Rural.  Thomas then aged 34 and occupation General Labourer.  His wife Elizabeth had given birth to three sons Charles Embrey aged 7 and a scholar, Thomas Albert aged 5 also a Scholar and William Edward aged 3.    Thomas Albert died on the 12th May 1882 at the age of seven.  Census source: RG11/2657 page 14

The 1891 census shows that Elizabeth then aged 49 had given birth to another little boy then aged 6 and called Thomas Albert who was at school.  Thomas then aged 45 occupation General Labourer, Charles Embrey aged 17 occupation Joiner's Apprentice and William Edward then aged at school. The family living at that time in Weston Coton Nr. Oswestry.  Source: RG12/2116 page 6

Map showing Weston Coton

By 1901 the family where living at Morda both Thomas and Elizabeth's ages were shown as 55.  Thomas described as a Drainage/Sanitary Contractor and an Employer.  His sons Charles E aged 26 occupation Joint/Carpenter, William Edward aged 23 occupation a Tailor and Thomas Arthur known as 'Alfred' aged 16 occupation Apprentice to Carpenter Joiner.  Also living with the family was Thomas William Evans aged 24 and Elizabeth's nephew.  Thomas W was Hannah and John Evans's son his occupation then a Brick-maker Foreman.  Source:RG13/2544 page 11

I would like to thank Brian for contacting me via www.genesreunited,co.uk and showing me his family tree, which pointed to our common link of Hannah and Elizabeth Embrey.  Brian further provided me with the following information:

Thomas was a Bricklayer and Beer Shop Keeper and managed the Hen and Chicken Public House at Morda.  He was also a Drainage Contractor for many years until he died.  He built two houses at 9 and 11 Edward Street which I understand were lived in by his sons Charles and Thomas.  Brian doubts very much whether Thomas attended any place of worship until his marriage.  According to Brian, Thomas was a very heavy drinker who eventually became a total abstainer.  Elizabeth came from a family of small Farmers and Millers.  Elizabeth believed to be a member of the Plymouth Brethren but later became an English Baptist.  The family moved to Mardy Hall, Four Crosses.  Unfortunately I can not find any reference to this Hall.

Photograph below is of Thomas Taylor with his daughters Louisa, Jessie and Minnie taken about 1914.

My thanks to Brian for supplying the above photographs, I do have one more to download.   

I would also like to thank Leslie for the information provided on Thomas Alfred Taylor and will be including this over the next few days.




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