Direct line to the Leech family

Jonathon Benbow c1799

Jonathon Benbow 1829 - 1906

Mary Benbow 1850

Mary Jane Phillips

Francis Leech 1885 - 1964

Reginald Leech 3rd September 1915 - 2008


The Benbow family are connected to my husbands family and I have followed the line through to the Leech family.

Jonathon Benbow c1829 married to Margaret and had the following children.

Margaret c1850

Mary c1852

Jonathon c1855

Thomas born 9th May 1857

David c1860

Richard c1863

Jane c1866

Evan c1868

Sarah c1871

Jonathon Benbow first appears on the 1841 census for Wales aged 12.  At that time he is living with his parents and brother.  His father also Jonathon aged 42, occupation Farmer, his mother Jane aged 46 and his brother John aged 8.  They where living in the civil Parish of Meifod.  Source HO 107/1435/8 page 1

The 1851 census for Wales shows that Jonathon has married and has one child.  Jonathon then aged 22 is living with his wife Margaret then aged 22 at Ty Isa in the Civil Parish of Dolwar, Llanfihangel.  There daughter Margaret is aged 1 and the census has Margaret's birth place as Guildsfield.  They have one servant working for them named Mary Ellis aged 12, to us this would seem very young however, then it was quite normal.  At that time it appears that Jonathon is farming 23 acres of land.  However I can not be sure as the information is very small and not clear.  Source HO 107/2499 page 6

The 1861 census shows that Margaret then aged 32 had given birth to four more children.  The family where still living at TyIsaf, in the Parish of Dolwar.  I am not sure if they had moved I think the address had been written differently from the 1851 census.  It is worth mentioning that the spelling of Ty Isaf differs on other documents.  Jonathon then aged 32 and farming 36 acres(?). The writing is tiny.  Their eldest daughter Margaret then aged 11, occupation Farmer's daughter, Mary aged 9, scholar, Jonathon aged 6, scholar, Thomas aged 3 and David aged nine months.  Source RG 9/4260

The 1871 census for Wales has the family living at Tyisa, in the Parish of Dolwar note how on each census the address is spelt differently.  Jonathon then aged 42, Margaret, 43, Thomas aged 13, David aged 11, Richard aged 8, Jane aged 5, Evan aged 3 and Sarah aged 6 months.  Margaret as we can see had given birth to five more children.  Richard was the only child shown as a scholar.  The other children were simply shown as Farmer's son or daughter.  Margaret, Mary and Jonathon it would appear had left home.  From family estate records Margaret lived well in to adult hood although she never married and Mary married Richard Phillips and her life will be covered at a later date.  At this stage I have not followed Jonathon's life.  Source RG10/5628 pages 3 and 4

The 1871 appears to show that the family have moved to Gwern Y Cil in the Parish of Meifod.  Jonathon then aged 52 and his wife Margaret aged 53 the farm has 53 acres.  The have three children living at home Jane aged 15, Evan aged 13, and Sarah aged 10.  They also have their grand-daughter Sarah Jane aged 6 living with them.  Source RG11/5498, page 3.

Margaret does not appear on the 1891 census and as she appears on the 1901 census I am assuming for whatever reason she was away from home.  Jonathon is then aged 62 and the farm address shown as Gwerny Rd Farm.  On the night of the census Evan aged 23 and Sarah aged 20 are living at home and shown as Farmer's son and daughter.  Two grandchildren Margaret A. Benbow aged 11 and Jonathon Benbow aged 6 are living at the same address and are shown to be Scholar's.  There is one servant aged 16 named David Jones.  Source: RG12/4601, page 8.

The 1901 census tells us that Jonathon Benbow is aged 74 and is a Farmer and Employer.  His wife Margaret  aged 75.  Evan aged 33 is single and works as -------------Agricultural Labourer.  Daughter Sarah is aged 20, grandson Jonathon aged 16 ------------Agricultural Labourer and grand-daughter Hannah aged 11.